say you are addicted to fonts...then you have come to the right place.  Go grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy what you find within these pages.  If you run into any snarls or snags along the way (i.e.:  broken links), please contact me and let me know. comes the quick info plug...can't have a site without it *grin*.  LOTH Fontaholics was an idea that blossomed in my mind one night when reading over the message board.  I know that many of us love to create and play with graphics....along with that comes the never ending search for bigger and better fonts.

The general idea here is to provide a one-stop place for all the sisters to come and find that perfect font.  I am starting these pages with the fonts I have in my collection, but would love for all of you to contribute.  If you have a font that is not listed here....please send it to me via email and I will add it.  With the help of all you fontaholics out there...we can make this the best font site yet.  Please do keep in mind that this page is for LOTH sisters only, it is not public domain.

Ok...enough gab....onto the fonts *giggles*.


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Copyright 1999 LOTH Fontaholics.  Please do not use the graphics within these pages, they were made exclusively for this site.  If you would like graphics for your homepage, please visit Cytherean Designs.  All of the fonts contained on this site were found on various places on the web, and are believed to be of public domain.  If anything contained here is previously copyrighted please contact the webmistress and it will be removed ASAP.

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